Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is Psychiatry Heriditary?

Once a couple asked  a health researcher that they are going to adopt a child whose parental mother had a mild mental illness, they asked whether they would proceed or not, expecting a bright future of the child.
                                  The researcher answered "Generally the mental disorders are seen in later part of the age. The probability of a child to be mental in future being born to a mentally sick parent is very less"
                                According to researchers rather the future mental behaviors of the child depends on the surroundings or the environment in which he or she grows. Heredity plays a minimal role. The diathesis stress-model suggests that heredity alone is not responsible for present or future mental disorder
                                                                                               There is no certainty in anything, sometimes children born to a psychic parent remain healthy throughout  their life. We have to only take care and keep the child in a healthy conducive atmosphere. Even one of the three children of a healthy parent may be psychologically sick

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Something About Backache

Generally back pain or backache is a common disease found among elderly people.However back pain may be a symptom of other diseases. Nearly 31 million Americans suffer from back pain,this number is ever increasing. There are remedies to back pain. To treat back pain we should first know its causes. There are many causes such as physical and emotional factors responsible for the problem
1- Absurd physical exercise as weight lifting
2- sitting or standing in wrong posture
3-sitting long hours in same posture
4-Stomach disorder
5-Due to pregnancy
6-Use of high heal shoes
7- Spinal disorder like slip of disc

1- We should lessen the timing of bed rest. We should consult doctor regarding and posture on bed.
2- We should be  active and take on moderate exercise like walking,it keeps our spine in a normal posture.
3- We should not over exercise or put strain on our back.
4-We should strengthen  our abdominal,it put less pressure on back. It is advised by the doctor.
5- Tension and tight body are sometimes responsible for backache. We should impart  pressure on the body equally on all parts
6- When there is pain we should first use ice and after that hot water bags as pad

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Diabetes And Its Early Symptoms

Diabetes is a disease in which our body is not capable of producing Insulin, a hormone required to convert sugar,starach and other foods to energy for daily life. The cause of this disease is mysterious but genes and environment are regarded playing a major role.Nearly 10% of worlds' population suffer from diabetes.Only in US 18.2 million people suffer from this disease.
Considering the symptom of diabetes ,it can be silent. It can remain undetected for a long time. Many people can know they have diabetes when they devlop killer diseases like heart disease,nerve disease or blindness.When once detected  this disease can be controlled by life style modification and proper
medication. There are three type of diabetes

                                                                 1- Type-1 diabetes-Diabetes at adolescent
                                                                  2-Type2  diabetes-Diabetes at or after the age of 45
                                                                  3- Gestational diabetes-Diabetes to pregnant women
Warning signs of Diabetes

1- Frequent urination 2- Frequent Thirst 3- Dry mouth 4 -Fatigue 5-blurred vision 6-weight loss
7-Headaches 8-


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let Us Swim To Health

Swimming has an edge over walking or jogging because stresses on muscles and bones are reduced while the body is immersed in water. In this process more groups of muscles are involved.
During swimming,the flow of blood and oxygen is increased.It become possible for heart to pump blood through the coronary and other arteries. Swimming is the best exercise to reduce the weight. It has been estimated that a person weighing 100lb can burn up to 325 calories in an hour if he swims at the speed of 50 yards per minutes
Older people should consult the physician before taking to swimming.The people who are suffering for heart disease or are diabetic should be  careful taking on swimming.We should avoid crowded pool,for the sake of safety. We should not also swim alone. Our swim suits should be well otherwise it will restrict our blood flow.Regular swimming increases stamina,relieves tension,tones up the muscles of legs,arms,waist and induces sound sleep. Parents should know that very carefully allow our children to swim because it is a good exercise and halt many diseases.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 Healthy Tips To Get happiness

Happiness is a psychological phenomenon . When someone is psychologically depressed he can not enjoy the time ultimately become unhappy. Below are some suggestions without medicine to be happy.

1-Acqire a laughing mood
We should always see a comedy movie when we feel that we are unhappy. We all know that laughter is the best medicine. So to  have our mood  changed we should enjoy by laughing. Secondly laughter produces   endorphins to change up our mood.. It also burns calories and help in sleeping.
2- We should change our eating style
 Healthy eating has an influence over our mood ,we should not compromise with it. Researchers have found that foods with high level fatty acid can heal the depression.We should eat more tasty fruits like strawberry etc
 3-Not to be in a closed house
When we feel uneasy we should move to an open place in outdoor beneath the sun. Because due to sunlight vitamin-D is produced which is known to be a mood boosting vitamin.
4- Sharing our feelings
To be happy we should always share our feelings with doctor or near and dear ones.This act brings confidence   in us with a feeling that we are not alone. Loneliness  boost the feeling of unhappiness.
 5-  Steps should be taken for good sleep and healthy mind
We should adhere to normal exercise daily for better sleep and geting  a fresh mind.By exercise  endorphins
are generated in our brain which boost our mood by changing it to a better feeling.We should leave leziness  and should be engaged in positive thing setting  a goal.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Every Mole Is A Skin Cancer

Numerous cells constitute the human body..Continuous addition and alternation takes place in our cell structure. This alternation occurs in regular manner.. But when the change in the structure is radical and there is development of malignant cells, It is called as cancerous. But growth of skin or visual aspect of a mole is not always skin cancer.Proper laboratory examination of cells in the mole(biopsy) is necessary.

Few points are appended below to know a mole is cancer or not

1-Shape and size of the mole -
Most of the moles are even, and are either round or oval in shape. Since the edges are round we can bend one side to other half.. If the mole is not circular or oval shaped and also unsymmetrical then the cells inside the may be malignant. It require a proper medical examination. But always this condition does not appear. -

2-Growth of the mole-
Abnormal growth of mole become matter of concern to be cancerous cell...Most of the time mole does not change its size but if changes it is a matter of concern.

3- Mole in Children

It is most important to take to consideration the children with more than 100 moles from their birth. This is possible sign of malignant or cancerous cells.. In this case immediate doctor consultation is required. "congenital nevi," or "congenital nevi" or birth marks in children is not presumed as cancerous.

If a new mole emerge or an abonormal change in shape or size is noticed,doctors should be immediately consulted. One should not be moved by the media unless otherwise a full body checkup by the specialist. The peoples having moles exposed to out side should be cautious about direct ultraviolet ray from the sun

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Anti aging says how to prevent,to slow or to reverse the effct of aging and to live people to live happily longer,healthier.Several researches are being carried out in medical science particularly in the field of genetic engineering to reach at a goal..But man is not yet fully successful. The anti aging market place includes neutrition,physical fitness,skincare,hormone replacements,vitamins,supplements and herbs. Different researchers are are focussing on different neutrants but there is a controversy there are various of neutritants available and prescribed by different physicians. many physicsian emphasize on physical exercise like running to make the body fit but this may lead to health hazard. Nanotechnology is contributing to slow down aging process.
There is an integration of best of western medicines with natural healing process of east. Doctors of this tradition are interesing in yoga,meditation,philosophy, personal empowerment and peace.
In the author has put a young brain quiz in the website.In the auther has placed facts about aging and cognitive ability. He has placed 5 steps to feel and act younger.There is a fourteen page e-book.There is a 21 days miracle{}
in the website in . Here the author emphasizes on in three easy steps how the habbit can change. All are requested to view this video

1---Get inspired by others
2---Declare your goal
3--- Track your progress.
In this website the author has saidbrain education.B ut the author did not point out the relation of consciousness with anti aging. Its intensity should remain constant for anti aging. Secondly consciousness is not related to brain only it is associated with heart.
The website www.infullbloombook.comis a worth reading though we can not totally curb the aging process can come it down. This book is available on